The Worldwide Lexicon is the next step in the evolution of the Worldwide Web. Our mission is to eliminate the language barrier by enabling web users to create, curate and share translations for popular or important websites. Today’s web is really hundreds of smaller webs, fragmented and isolated by language. Tomorrow’s web will turn any webpage into a multilingual page that can be displayed in each user’s language.

WWL, like Wikipedia, enables users to create, curate and share translations. We use machine translation, but only in a supporting role. Our goal is to help websites build translation communities where their readers help share their content and message with the world. Our tools can be embedded in virtually any website, from a small independent blog to a national news magazine.  Translations can be created and curated by volunteers, by trusted users, paid translators or any combination, whatever works best for your site. We also built Der Mundo, a general purpose translation community for blogs and RSS feeds.


Creating a translatable website enables you to reach a multilingual audience, from international readers visiting from distant lands to local readers who speak a different language. You can expand your audience, serve new user communities, and create new advertising inventory.

With WWL you can create a translatable website, where the translations are displayed alongside or as a replacement to original texts. Users visit a page on your website as they normally do. If WWL senses that they prefer another language, it will request and display available translations, which your readers can edit and score, all without leaving your site.

WWL is open source. The web and the Internet itself is largely built upon open source software. Open source software is free of cost, but it also gives users the freedom to adapt it to their specific needs. There are no software licenses to buy. As a company, we provide professional management and consulting services for publishers and online communities, but our software is free for the world to use.

WWL offers turnkey and custom developed translation community services for web publishers. We work with you to design, build and manage translation features for your readers. Contact us to learn how to build a multilingual website today.