Quotes Cinta Beda Agama Bahasa Inggris

Quotes cinta beda agama Bahasa Inggris memanglah mengharukan. Ada kata-kata yang menyiratkan akhir yang menyedihkan. Jika mengalaminya, kumpulan quotes berikut mungkin cocok, dan bisa digunakan untuk mencurahkan hatinya, diantaranya:

1. Quotes Cinta Beda Agama Menyedihkan

Cinta beda agama, jarang jika berakhir bahagia. Lebih seringnya menjadi kisah yang menyedihkan. Quotes di bawah bisa menjadi media untuk curhat:

  • My heart says that this is the best feeling. But my mind says that I can’t have you.
  • My heart hurts to see you so close, but I can’t touch you.
  • You and I are together because of love, not because we are the same.
  • Why did God give us this forbidden love?
  • The most painful love is the love we can’t have, but the feelings last forever.
  • This love will never give us happiness.

2. Quotes Cinta Beda Agama Islam dan Nasrani

Paling sering kisah lintas agama dialami oleh orang Islam dan Nasrani. Karena terlalu menyulitkan, banyak yang menggunakan quotes Bahasa Inggris seperti di bawah:

  • Because my beads will never be the same as your rosary beads.
  • We cannot be like the Istiqlal Mosque and the Cathedral which can be harmonious in differences. We are two souls who miss each other in our differences.
  • Our feelings are the same, but our God is different.
  • We still say the same prayer, even though I raise my hand and you fold your hand.
  • Our relationship is separated by different Gods.

3. Quotes Cinta Beda Agama Tanpa Restu

Sudah pasti kalau cinta beda agama jarang mendapatkan restu. Quotes berikut menggambarkan akhir kisah seperti itu:

  • Our love will never be approved, because we are different.
  • Getting approval is the most difficult thing in our relationship.
  • No matter how hard we try, religion will never approve of our relationship.
  • We are very sad, because our love will not get blessed forever.
  • Even though we love each other, our relationship will feel empty because the universe does not approve.

4. Quotes Cinta Beda Agama Tegar

Selanjutnya adalah quotes yang menggambarkan ketegaran dalam menjalani kisah cinta beda agama. Biasanya ini digunakan oleh orang-orang yang bijak.

  • When will our love unite? God knows.
  • You and I love each other to unite the differences. But religion is what makes it different.
  • Be patient with this interfaith love.
  • When we have a good goal, it will be facilitated by the magic of love.
  • This love will have a sad ending. But I’m still sincere and strong.
  • In the end, we will choose to separate rather than survive. Because this difference has never blessed us.

5. Quotes Cinta Beda Agama LDR

Quotes cinta beda agama Bahasa Inggris ini bertemakan LDR. Tapi tentunya beda dengan hubungan jarak jauh seperti yang dialami orang pada umumnya.

  • The real long distance relationship is when I say assalamualaikum but you answer Shalom.
  • Complicated long distance relationships are not different cities and countries, but different purposes of worship.
  • Interfaith love is heavier than long distance relationships.
  • You and I have a very long distance and can never be covered.
  • Because you and I know, the road for our love to unite is very far.

6. Quotes Cinta Beda Agama Galau

Sudah pasti kalau yang beda agama menjalin cinta merasa galau. Untuk mengobatinya, coba baca kumpulan quotes berikut:

  • I can’t get rid of this deep feeling.
  • I can hug you, but I can’t hug your religion.
  • Please tell your God, that I only want to love you, not snatch you from your God.
  • I can be with you until now, but I can’t follow your religion.
  • We pray for each other, but we can never be united by religion.

7. Quotes Cinta Beda Agama Bijak

Jika bisa bijak mengatasi cinta beda agama, quotes ini sangat cocok. Selain itu bisa mengobati rasa sakit karena perpisahan. Adapun contoh dari quotesnya yakni:

  • We are different. But those differences can’t make us fight each other.
  • God put you in my life for a reason. If I ever lose you, there must be a good reason.
  • The beauty of our love will be faded by differences. But we have to be patient to get a beautiful ending.
  • The best thing I can do is let you go. I will set you free. Wish you happiness.
  • We have to enjoy this togetherness, even though we know if we can be together later. Let’s think about it later.

8. Quotes Cinta Beda Agama Menyentuh Hati

Biasanya orang suka mencari quotes untuk dibuat story. Ini quotes yang menyentuh hati tentang cinta beda agama:

  • Don’t hug something you can never hug. Because you and him are different.
  • One religion is not necessarily easy. So what about those with different religions?
  • You are the impossibility that I will continue to wish for.
  • If we are together of course there will be beautiful things, but that is impossible. Because God doesn’t allow us to be together.
  • Just because we worship God in a different way, we can never be happy.

9. Quotes Cinta Beda Agama Haru

Hampir mirip dengan sebelumnya, ini quotes yang mengharuskan. Terutama jika mengalami cinta lintas agama. Adapun contohnya sebagai berikut:

  • The world will feel empty without love. But when love cannot unite, then we must be prepared to feel bitter.
  • God is one, our love is one taste, but you and I are different.
  • I let you go and unite with others. Because we only met to be friends.
  • Love doesn’t always go according to our expectations. Sometimes we have to let it go.
  • We love each other, but these differences don’t allow us to be together.

10. Quotes Cinta Beda Agama Keren

Terakhir quotes yang keren dibuat story. Biasanya yang mengalami cinta beda agama suka membuat status yang mellow. Adapun contohnya sebagai berikut:

  • We will not cry over this separation, because you and I have tried well.
  • Learn to be sincere with this separation. We will find happiness after this painful thing.
  • There are two kinds of patience, namely being patient with something you don’t want and refraining from something you want.
  • God tests humans with the love of different religions, to determine whether humans prefer His people or His God.
  • We do pray for each other. But can not unite because of different religions.

Itulah kumpulan quotes cinta beda agama Bahasa Inggris. Quotes tersebut bisa dibuat story. Bisa juga dijadikan sebagai motivasi diri.

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